Helping patients attain restful sleep and increased well-being through holistic behavioral medicine.


Meet Dr. Charles Freeman

Dr. Freeman talks about why he is uniquely qualified to treat a variety of sleep challenges, trauma, and the benefits of holistic sleep therapy.

Dr. Freeman talks about sleep medications and why long-term use is not beneficial, and an alternative treatment plan to sleep naturally and feel better overall. Contact Dr. Freeman to find out if he can start helping you today.

Dr. Freeman talks about common sleep difficulties, what causes them and how his treatment plans are customized to your personality and lifestyle.

Dr. Freeman talks about practical habits that lead to restful sleep, the gold-standard for overcoming sleep problems, and what you can expect from the sleep therapy process.

Holistic Approach

Today too many people rely on sleep medications for sleep and on caffeine and other stimulants for energy, none of which is optimal for our body and mind. A holistic approach promotes healthy natural techniques to sound sleep and good energy without… Read more »

Extensive Background

Dr. Charles R. Freeman earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Miami and his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from San Diego State University. As an undergraduate, he worked at the Naval Medical Center… Read more »

Therapeutic Treatment

As a Sleep Specialist, Dr. Freeman will help you manifest sound sleep which dramatically improves your relationships, mood, concentration, performance, and quality of life. In collaboration with your medical provider, he successfully removes… Read more »