Dr. Charles Freeman is a San Diego-based psychologist who was born and raised in La Jolla in a large family with a father who was a Nuclear Physicist and a mother who was an artist and home-maker.  He enjoyed body-surfing, biking, soccer, basketball, and even played semi-pro beach volleyball. He lived in Florida, Alaska, and Minnesota prior to returning to San Diego to be close with his family. Dr. Freeman enjoys the arts, travel, gourmet cooking, and quality time with friends and family.

Holistic Approach

Today too many people rely on sleep medications for sleep and on caffeine and other stimulants for energy, none of which is optimal for our body and mind. A holistic approach promotes healthy natural techniques to sound sleep and good energy without drugs and stimulants. Find out more about Dr. Freeman’s holistic therapy treatment.

Extensive Background

Dr. Charles R. Freeman earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Miami and his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from San Diego State University. As an undergraduate, he worked at the Naval Medical Center San Diego Sleep Disorders Center. Learn more about his San Diego therapy background.

Therapeutic Treatment

As a Sleep Specialist, Dr. Freeman will help you manifest sound sleep which dramatically improves your relationships, mood, concentration, performance, and quality of life. In collaboration with your medical provider, he successfully removes sleep drugs (which are harmful to your body and mind). Discover more about his approach to cognitive behavioral therapy.

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