Holistic Approach

Today too many people rely on sleep medications for sleep and on caffeine and other stimulants for energy, none of which is optimal for our body and mind. Holistic psychology promotes healthy natural techniques to sound sleep and good energy without drugs and stimulants.

Medications come at a price of long-term effects on health. Those popular sleep and anti-anxiety drugs frequently advertised on television, have long-term negative consequences on brain chemistry. When quality of sleep is concerned, patients taking these drugs say that their sleep feels fake: they fall asleep quickly, but when they awaken, it feels like they have slept for only five minutes; thus, even when they are asleep for eight hours, it doesn’t feel physiologically and emotionally restorative. Their energy is okay, but their brain is foggy and a bit slower, and it’s just not ideal to be on these medications for a long period of time.

Dependency on sleep medication can be overcome through changing thoughts and behaviors. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), hypnosis, and behavior modifications are more sustainable and much healthier than sleeping pills. Changing the thoughts that people have is a powerful strategy in helping them get restorative sleep. For example, one might say, “I have to fall asleep, or if I don’t fall asleep, I’m going to have a horrible day.” When people are fighting negative emotions, this leads to activation and insomnia. CBT strategies used in holistic therapy treatment prevent one from panicking about not sleeping. Dr. Freeman’s holistic psychology helps people solidify positive rational thoughts to counteract repetitive fears.

The results of holistic therapy treatment can be achieved through short-term therapy targeting certain behaviors and thoughts and having patients learn and practice these strategies so that they can use them for the rest of their life and enjoy optimal emotional and physical well-being, feeling more restored, more energized, more mentally alert, more socially connected, more fulfilled, and overall, have a an improved quality of life. Contact Dr. Freeman if you think his holistic approach can help you.

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