As a Psychologist, Healer, and Executive/Professional Coach for the last 25+ years I have transformed thousands of people’s lives to where they experience physical and emotional well-being, more sound sleep, and/or reduce their anxiety and depression, etc.

I have successfully helped patients experiencing insomnia, bruxism, nightmares, trauma, claustrophobia to CPAP, and phobias in general. I do this by drawing on my experience as a sleep researcher at the Naval Hospital, and as the primary Sleep Psychologist and Behavioral Medicine Psychologist at several major medical facilities in the Miami and Minneapolis areas, including the Mt. Sinai Sleep Disorder Center. As a Generalist, I’ve held leadership positions and practiced as a front-line clinician treating those with a full gambit of complicated psychological and physical issues (substance abuse, had serious anger issues, bipolar disorders, psychosis, multiple types of worries, etc.). In my strongest clinical specialty, I’ve observed and treated insomnia patients who experienced symptoms which were only the tip of the iceberg to (an) underlying psychological and/or medical condition/s. Although I serve people as a general Psychologist, I’m most well known as one of the top five Sleep Psychologists in the greater San Diego area.

I consistently hear that my warm non-judgmental approach allows me to relate to people from extremely diverse financial, educational, and ethnic (cross-cultural) backgrounds.

My treatment approach includes my extensive clinical experience with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and encompasses the use of hypnosis, rehabilitative strategies, and Positive Psychology principles. Some of the other treatment methods I use include Gestalt, Jungian, and energy therapies.

The 4 Foundations of Well-Being

My goal is to provide patients with the ability to thrive.  I do this by teaching patients and clients to cope with or reduce/eliminate pain and insomnia rather than catastrophizing their suffering. I also work with other medical provides to provide ways to eliminate sleep medications. This is a holistic approach that includes the four foundations of well-being:

  1. doable/realistic exercises
  2. improved nutrition
  3. CBT to achieve sound sleep
  4. solidify meaning/purpose or spirituality (when indicated)

Thank you for exploring a snapshot of my background. To learn more about me, get additional tips and videos, or connect with me please visit my website listed below.

Charles R. Freeman, Ph.D.  | Sleep, Pain, Behavioral Medicine Psychologist & Addictionologist  |  Available online (Skype) and in-person in San Diego and Encinitas, CA.

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