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I saw Dr. Freeman about 20 times over an 18 month time period. I had extreme sleep issues. He taught me tools to keep my insomnia under control as well as anxiety. His listening skills are over the top, in my opinion.  He is so non-judgmental, never seems to be thrown by any problem I may have.  I no longer consider myself an insomniac.  If I have a few bad nights, I just move on.  As he would say, it is what it is, nothing more than a bad night.  I would recommend Dr. Freeman to anyone needing mental health care in his fields of expertise. Dr. Freeman has been such a wonderful thing for me. I had sleep issues where I was only sleeping 4 hours a night and he helped me get to the point that I can now sleep at least 7 hours a night.  Makes a huge difference when getting up to go to work.  I have been seeing him for 2 + years and I feel so much better now than I did when I started with him. No more crying - feeling bad. I am now more positive and happier." He so worth seeing!!!
Heather A.
A patient who has the good fortune to have Dr. Freeman as his or her Psychologist will enjoy insightful and effective diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Freeman’s treatment is designed in a way to benefit his patients and is delivered in a well thought out and non threatening manner. I found Dr. Freeman’s treatment invaluable to curing my condition and ultimately helped improved several facets of my life. I began my treatment in June 2005. Initially my treatment included visualization techniques to provide relaxation and enable better and sound sleep. Dr. Freeman determined my treatment needed additional steps regarding dysthymia and designed steps and recommendations to encourage me. He identified several ideas and ways to change my cognitive behaviors. I was encouraged to improve my referral network, job hunting ideas and approaches. Dr. Freeman took the time to get to know me and my situation and thus had a really sound basis for designing a plan to help me most fully. Most importantly, I always found Dr. Freeman to be excellent at really listening and understanding my thoughts and concerns. My experience with Dr. Freeman was excellent. Dr. Freeman is a true professional and I highly endorse him to anyone interested in a high quality psychology services.
Brenda R.
Dr. Charles Freeman, or Charlie as he wants you to call him, has helped me get off daily sleep medications that I have been using for the past 24 years. I have taken every over the counter, prescription and natural sleep aid every night for all those years, and Dr. Freeman helped me break that habit! He also helped me in his role as therapist see patterns of behavior in my life that contribute to my anxiety and repetitive worrisome thoughts. He is insightful, kind and works with your individual needs in a way that is filled with wisdom and empathy. If you have been struggling with sleep issues, don't wait for months and years, contact Charlie and have him help you.
Amy R.
I saw Dr. Charles Freeman over the course of approximately 9 months to treat my chronic insomnia.  Through his instruction in cognitive behavioral modification techniques and relaxation exercises I was able to greatly decrease the frequency and severity of my insomnia.  Additionally, my generalized anxiety diminished significantly as a result of the therapy I received.
Tanya D.
I am 55 years old and have been seeking therapy for depression and anxiety off and on for 39 years. I had seen many therapists during that time without much relief until I met Charlie Freeman, who had been recommended by my sleep doctor. I began seeing him for my insomnia that I was hoping to remedy without the continued use of prescription drugs. Charlie immediately determined that my insomnia had deep roots and devised a therapy regimen to efficiently and effectively manage issues that no one else had addressed or had attempted to address. His gentle, focused communication style along with his diverse therapy experience allowed me to find parts of my past I had been unable to discuss with anyone, including my wife. His compassion in discussing and leading me through very painful traumatic past experiences (and showing me how to frame and manage these issues) dramatically changed my life and has given me the insight, courage and tools to live life in true harmony with myself. My initial issue was with circular or ruminating thinking. I would loop a phrase, melody, or discussion in my head and play it until I was in despair. Charlie’s active listening and teaching style gave me tools to quickly address and stop this behavior, which alleviated some insomnia and depression issues. I was amazed how quickly this was achieved. These tools and his method also allowed me to function with more focus and with less stress at work by not obsessing on something someone may have said or with an activity or function I had not performed perfectly. I started to question myself less because I was getting on with my work instead of feeling stuck. The next issue that I had hidden from myself, was a sexual attack that happened to me in college. I was assaulted by four men, including one who was a classmate, one night. This experience came back to me over the years in fragments but once all the pieces surfaced, I felt crippling shame. Charlie helped me by providing information that showed I was not alone in my reactions and feelings about this experience. He would intuitively know how to guide me, in a calm, compassionate positive way, without any hint of judgment. Because of his help, I can now identify and manage the various effects of this trauma. Because Charlie was able to guide me through a defined, succinct, thoughtful process, I was able to look at myself in a more positive and forgiving manner. This allowed me to break through a personal and professional stall and gave me confidence to pursue advancement in my career and a move to a new home across the country. Charlie has allowed me to better manage stress, head off negative emotions, and have more positive relationships because I now have the tools and courage to live an authentic life.
Henry H.
A few years ago, I was having a difficult time dealing with insomnia and anxiety, conditions which were exacerbated  by an ongoing pattern of obsessive thinking.  I worked with Charles Freeman over a period of 2 to 3 months, with the goal of overcoming these issues.  In my 10-12 sessions with Dr. Freeman, I learned, practiced and mastered the tools of cognitive behavioral therapy to deal with my issues.  His methods were very effective and easily applied in my day-to-day activities. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being high, my sleep quality was a 2 when I started my sessions, and an 8 by the time we finished.  My sleep quality is now generally a 7 or 8, and I still use the focused imagery and relaxation skills I learned from Dr. Freeman.  My level of anxiety went from a level of 8 down to 2 during my sessions, and has remained at 2-3 since, due to ongoing practice of CBT exercises he taught me.  My quality of life has improved with better sleep and less anxiety brought on by negative thinking patterns. I am now able to see clearly how things occur for me, and change my behavior by recognizing negative thought patterns and inaccurate perceptions, and no longer internalize negative emotions based on these.  I am also able to prevent cycles of prolonged rumination by stopping them and quickly choosing different thoughts. Achieving these skills was based on a high level of trust between myself and Dr. Freeman.  He was extremely professional, listened in a non-judgmental, compassionate manner, and communicated effectively.  He was also a very positive, kind, and intuitive person, truly committed to reaching my goals.  My experience of Dr. Freeman was that he took a stand for his patients, and had their best interest at heart in everything he did.
Michael P.
In February 2008, I was diagnosed with Multiple Scoliosis.  I spent about 2 months going from test to test to confirm the diagnosis.  All was going well with the treatments and the disease was in remission. Things were going okay and I have always considered myself to have a strong personality and I knew that I could beat this. Then around Thanksgiving, things just didn’t seem right.  I either couldn’t sleep or was always sleeping.  I had no appetite and had heartburn everyday, all day.  I ate Tums all the time. Then the anxiety attacks started.  (Well at that time all I knew was that I was having incredible chest pains, shortness of breath and everything was a haze.)  By early January my doctor was concerned with my weight loss (I had lost 35lbs in about a month) and the fact that I was having to go to the emergency room about once a week.  After many tests (again), I was diagnosed (again); Acid Reflux and severe depression. He then recommended that I see Dr. Freeman.  Working with him was the best thing that had happened in the last year!  I began my antidepressants and seeing Dr. Freeman.  What a difference! Seeing Dr. Freeman in my opinion was the best thing that could have happened.  He helped me with my anxiety and taught me techniques to control not only that but my acid reflux.  He helped me understand why I was having the anxiety attacks and why I was depressed.  He provided me with the tools to handle my MS, the anxiety and the depression. He helped me feel like I was in control again as I came to terms with my MS.  I saw Dr. Freeman for over a year and even had my children in some counseling sessions to help them and me with some difficult times because of MS. Dr. Freeman doesn’t only help you when you need him; he gives you the tools to help yourself when he is not there.  I still use many of the techniques he taught me when I was in counseling and have not had an anxiety attack in over 2 years.  I continue to fight my MS and my depression.  It’s a challenge, but because of Dr. Freeman, I’m ready for it! I would highly recommend Dr. Freeman if you are needing help. He will help you, now and into the future."
Dr. Freeman changed years’ worth of insomnia. He changed the way I thought about my ability to sleep, and as a result, gave me the freedom to acquire the sleep I've needed all my life. His methods are sound and very effective. Charlie taught me how to practice sleep mantras so that I wouldn’t catastrophize the consequences of sleep. I also stopped my habit of thinking in the middle of the night or prior to bed, and started to understand that if I slept poorly the night before, then there was an increased likelihood that I would sleep better that night or the next night. I am a creative person, so I learned how to compartmentalize my ideas to the daytime. One valuable principle was that if I learned to engage in thinking during the night, that I could unlearn that habit.  He used a variety of cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT) including cognitive restructuring and hypnosis. I first saw Dr. Freeman in August of 2009. I saw him for over 20 sessions until November of 2011. During that time I took a couple 6-8 month breaks from treatment because I was doing well. Charlie addressed me in a holistic fashion to address the psychological abuse I experienced from my father. I was (and am) a very competent and confident professional, however, I was still hurting. Following our different treatment regimens, I continued to gain higher self-esteem and optimism. During hypnosis, we were able to integrate Positive Psychology to envision healthy relationships, excelling in my profession and becoming an independent contractor, and manifesting my creative talents as a writer to greater heights. Dr. Freeman was even flexible enough to effectively treat me over Skype after he moved from Minnesota in May of 2011 (where he is still a Licensed Psychologist today). On a personal level, he combined his sense of humor with professionalism, compassion, and being a good listener. I recommend Dr. Freeman's services to anyone in need of better sleep and who has experienced concurrent challenges with family of origin, anxiety, depression, etc.
"I saw Dr. Freeman for 1.5 years for my sleep, depression, anxiety and to improve my self-esteem. One of the strategies which he taught me included cognitive restructuring. This helped me to identify cognitive distortions (i.e., mind reading, black and white thinking, catastrophizing, etc.) which magnified negative emotions. This was like a new language for me to start adopting rational and functional beliefs. The use of positive language and self-talk was an important area which I started to apply. I started to become aware of the times in which I repeated self-deprecating thoughts. I slowly began to decrease this. Instead of saying, "I am trying to quit smoking or trying to eat better", I began to rehearse the thought, "I have the opportunity to eat healthy foods which increase my vitality, energy, and longevity."  I also started to tell myself that I put good air into my lungs, and decreased the triggers to buy cigarettes or to smoke. Over the time in which I worked with Dr. Freeman, I started to experience more sound sleep, less depression and anxiety, and started to feel more confident. Dr. Freeman was very patient, compassionate, and nurturing.  He taught me self-hypnosis to address my insomnia and decrease my anxiety.  We practiced role-plays in therapy so that I did not give my power away in relationships. Through assertive communication with family members, work colleagues, and a boyfriend, I started to feel more empowered and confident. I am now better equipped to envision that I am deserving to have good people, work, and events in my life. Dr. Freeman balanced nurturing with a set of tools that I can access during stressful times. I strongly recommend that you consider treatment with Dr. Freeman for any of the above challenges.
Javier R.
I underwent a year of therapy with Dr. Freeman during 2010 and 2011. His patient guidance and therapeutic support made all the difference for me as I worked through some very troubling issues, including depression. I think Dr. Freeman's greatest strength is his ability to remain present and engaged, even while discussing the most traumatic and disturbing of life experiences. I felt heard, cared for, and supported throughout my therapy, and I have nothing but praise for his approach to helping me. Since ending therapy, my life has slowly become richer and more fulfilling day by day. My depression has lifted, and I feel excited about the future again. I highly recommend consulting with Dr. Freeman to see if he can help you. He definitely helped me."
Joshua D.
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